Little leather handbag company leathers

My leathers

All the leather used in my larger bags are vegetable tanned leathers from foothills of Tuscany. 

Vegetable Tanning

This very traditional and highly skilled tanning process takes up to 2 months and is mainly done by hand... it is the old way of making leather!  It uses no chemicals but instead uses only natural vegetable and plant based extracts and tannins from the bark of trees such as oak, chestnut and mimosa.

These tannins change the leather from an animal hide into usable vegetable tanned leather as we know it: preserved and beautifully flexible, richly coloured and with the wonderful woody aroma of a good wine.

A very tasteful choice

This skilful and careful process is long and therefore the leather is more expensive but it is well worth spending more on. The end result is stronger, longer lasting, water resistant and it will age beautifully with no cracking. Each leather hide has a one of a kind appearance. The marks on the hides; the grain and the growth marks are not imperfections but a result of the natural tanning process and the exquisite full/top grain of the hide being left to enjoy.

It is timeless, always stylish and sophisticated and it is low-maintenance as its gentle ageing adds to its beauty and uniqueness.

My colours

I have a great range of leather colours available for my tote bags and shoulder bags so you can play around with choosing your own custom colours, go for something to suit the season or a specific outfit or mix and match the main body of the bag to different coloured handles for different look